Sep 16,14

Income Cottages

The hidden secret or shall we say gem is in investing in income cottages. Unlike income properties, it caters to those looking to go on vacations, a getaway, have some family time, they are willing to spend more for the comfortable and luxurious experience. If you purchase a cottage on the lake or surrounded by beautiful scenery, and you fix it up and do a makeover, or even decided to tear down and build a new cottage, maybe add some boats, jet skis, or a hot tub, etc. you would not only have a profitable income property that can bring in 15-25% more than a normal residential income property, you would have raised the value, also you would have a place to go with your family or friends for a getaway at low cost, if not no cost. The possibilities are endless. So you can see working with the right team of professionals that are dedicated to finding the right properties in the right area and location, they watch the market and are aware of which cities and neighbourhoods are the best to invest in and which ones are up and coming. The Executive Team & Partners takes care of everything from finding the property, drawings permits, to the execution of construction whether to renovate or build, to the renting of the final property or properties. If you had multiple cottages, we would take care of the marketing and the band creation. Then we would handle all of the management related to the property or properties. Whether you want to go in on your own or become partners with us on the Venture it is entirely up to you, however even though we work for you we would still view you as a partner so we both have an invested interest.