FLIPS (Buy, Renovate, Sell)

There is one expression in the real estate investing world ͞buy low and sell high͟ with that being said The Executive Team knows that building wealth involves smart and well thought out investments. Here at Executive Developments we concentrate on real-estate investing to accomplish this. Some of the wealthiest people in the world have used real-estate to build their wealth. However, you need to be careful and you need to know what you are doing before you invest. One of the ways to increase your net worth and wealth is by investing in run downor outdated homes, and giving them a face lift or makeover and selling them turn-key. Most call these types of properties a rehab. Whether you buy a detached house, townhouse or a condo you have to be careful that your investment is put in the right areas of the renovation, you can be sure that it is more difficult than it sounds, and you can lose your shirt, but when done right its extremely profitable. You heard another expression ͞LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION͟ Working with the right team of professionals that are dedicated to finding the right properties in the right area and location, they watch the market and are aware of which cities and neighbourhoods are the best to invest in and which ones are up and coming. The Executive Team & Partners takes care of everything from finding the property, drawings permits, to the execution of construction to the selling of the final property. Whether you want to go in on your own or become partners with us on the Venture it is entirely up to you, however even though we work for you we would still view you as a partner so we both have an invested interest.